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Monday, September 27, 2010

What a year!

Hello my friends, Its been a long time, almost a year since my last posting. There has been so much going on in our home this past year and its been an amazing one. So much has been happening that all I can say is PRAISE YOU LORD!!! You have been there in such an awesome way for us as a family and all I want to do is proclaim Your goodness to all who will hear. It has been a hard year, in a number of ways. I found out that I was pregnant with our second child in March but lost it through a miscarriage in my 12th week, on April 18th. We were very sad since we were very excited and looking forward to another blessing to our family. My husband called our baby "junior" since we all wanted a boy so much. I am over it for the most part but there are moments when I miss being pregnant.

It was also a rough year for us in our marriage but through some counseling, things are all good now. Our pastors counseled us and on August 8th, we renewed our vows and it was awesome. It was pretty scary since it looked like we weren't going to make it. But God intervened. He held us and told us what to do and when we obeyed Him our marriage was restored fully. I thank Him everyday for that.

It was also hard being a homeschool mom. I simply don't know what I am doing, and somehow we made it through our 1st year. We went through the curriculum that we purchased and its a good one to use to start out with. I went along with the teacher's guides for the first few months, but I found their lessons to be kind of silly. So, I figured I could do a better job and we just winged it mostly. Thankfully, it was just grade 1 stuff, so I managed pretty well. Now if only I could stay organized and stick to a schedule!!!

But we have some exciting news! We have decided to move closer to our family, in Ontario Canada. We are moving in a few days and its been kind of stressful but we know that this is where we are supposed to be. We are going to be living on an acreage in the country, instead of a big city, which is wonderful. We want to live on an acreage but being basically city slickers that would be a disaster to do that right away, at least for me it would be. So, we are blessed to have my husband's parents accept us into their home and stay with them for a little while and train us on how to do that successfully. So, we are busy trying to get the house packed and ready to go. We had a few yard sales and sold some stuff so its all good, and our furniture is staying.

Since we are leaving, it is obviously very hard to leave our wonderful church family and friends behind. But Jesus has gone before us and things are happening there that its just confirming His leading. We had our last Sunday at church today here and it was hard and there were lots of tears shed. My husband actually preached today and they prayed over us after he was done. But God showed up in a huge way before all of that. The pastor said that it was to be a healing service which was awesome. And this is kind of unusual for our church, unfortunately. Most of the congregation came to the front and either stood to get annointed with oil or prayed for us. Our friend brought his brother who has a cocaine addiction came for the first time and we all prayed for him to be delivered from it. God is so Good!!!

Just remember folks that no matter what may be happening in your life right now, remember that Jesus loves you as you are and there is nothing He will not do for you in your time of need. I pray that you will look to the bigger picture and not to your circumstances you are in now. Get into God's word, spend time with Him. His peace will fill you and you will be amazed at the changes that you may see.

Love your sister in Christ Jesus,

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