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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ahh the craziness of it all!

Hello there,
It has been very busy around here lately, and a bit of a comedy of errors too. I am at this very moment in time, sitting with my leg elevated and it has a lovely ice pack on it. Last week, at youth, my husband, being the creative youth pastor, decided to try a new game that he found off a youth ministry website. The game is called FUTBALL, which basically a cross between Canadian and soccer. It is played like soccer but using a Canadian Football League (CFL) sized football. We were excited and looking forward to having a fun filled night of running around with 5 teens. After the teens got there, we all decided to play at a large field behind two of the teens house. Three against three was the structure with Will, (my husband), as the coach /referee. About 15 minutes into the game, I found myself as the goalie and the ball was coming my way. Well, the other opposing player was pretty close and so I tried to stop the ball and BANG!!! All of a sudden my left leg was hurting, BAD!! I hobbled to the ground onto the sidelines and it I was out of the game. I was kept company by another teen and watched them all play. I got a pretty big & painful bruised bone and calf muscle now and I've been hobbling around with crutches ever since. I am getting better every day and its been frustrating and humbling. I hate not being able to do anything for myself or anyone else for that matter. I love being an independent woman who loves to serve my family (most days) and it's pretty hard to follow doctor's orders. With my being out of commission, he has to do more than what he had scheduled,but he has not complained one bit. And I am so thankful for him.
As I mentioned before, life has been very busy and its only going to be busier for us in the next while. My incredible busy husband has now become a Certified life coach. Our dream is to help others reach their fullest God given potential and glorify God in their lives. I am going to be helping him with that part of our business. It's pretty exciting. Hopefully, we will be able to make a difference in people's lives and glorify God. We have a website and its called if you want to check that out. This has been a dream of his for a while and for years now, people have been coming to him looking for advice, he may as well get paid for it, right? He also has the financial practice, and has plans for more.
I have also decided to pursue a dream of my own and start an online bookstore. It will be attached to this blog somehow soon. I am calling it, NEW JERUSALEM and its coming along. I have to add more items and figure out how its going to work. I am not a computer genius by any means, so it may not be a fancy bookstore at first.
You may ask, why all of these businesses? Well, we have decided that we are tired of living in poverty and we want to pursue our dreams of being able to give back to God's kingdom. We need a vehicle and eventually own a home again and we cannot do that if we do not have the funds available. Having a business of your own is the key to being financially successful from what I have learned, so we are going to give it our best shot.
One of our favorite books is entitled , "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", which is a book about what he learned as a boy growing up in Hawaii having his real dad, who was highly educated and had a good job but was poor; and his best friend's dad who taught Robert Kyosaki his secret to being wealthy. Robert and his wife were unemployed and homeless living out of their car and they became multi millionaires and this book explains how they did it. Its a great read and we recommend it. It really changed my paradigm regarding money.
I also started planning for this upcoming school year. Although it is my third year of home educating our daughter, I have never really planned the year out in previous years. I had a preplanned curriculum my first year and last year I followed a couple of workbooks and used the local library mostly. With everything changing so much last year, we wanted to keep things simple. This year though, it will be different. We have finally come up with a schedule and plan on sticking with it. I am late in the game I know, but this year I will step it up a notch. It's going to be a 4 day school week, since I work on Fridays. I am using materials I already have except for seat work materials. So, this way I am not having to spend a ton of money on curriculum. I am going to be following along on what Ontario Education recommends for grade 3, so its all good. I am adding extras, like Bible and world religions. Madison is showing interest in that topic, along with history and science and geography. I have excellent materials for all of these subjects, with experiments and the whole kit and kaboodle. It should be fun! We are going to be busy little beavers thats for sure. We have decided to join a local home school group that is a co-op so we can have some educational social times too. Madison has said that she wants to join Girl Guides and we are thinking it would be good to join the local 4H club. She will be more well rounded than ever I believe.
Thanks for reading and I hope I made sense to you. It's now 2:45 am and I need to get to bed.. yawn!!!
Good night and God bless.

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